Automated Budgeting & Savings

Budgit organizes your spending and saves for your goals

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How It Works

1. Securely Link Your Banks

We leverage the latest technology to make sure we never process or store any bank credentials. Your accounts always stay safe and synced.

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2. Get a Simple Budget

Our proprietary algorithms identify recurring bills and analyze spending patterns to create an easy-to-understand budget. Then we keep it updated; no more busy-work or data entry.

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3. Save for Your Goals

Set your savings goals and let us do the work: if we see money left over in your budget, we automatically move it to your goals. Your money always stays with your bank.

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4. Be in Control

Stay on top of everything with our intuitive calendar-based interface. Don't like being hands-on? Let our actionable alerts keep you in the loop.

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Why Budgit?

How Budgit works
No Ads, Ever

You get enough ads. We help you reach your savings goals, not get more credit card offers.

How Budgit works

Your bank account is the best place for your money. We make it better instead of trying to replace it.

How Budgit works
Secure and Private

Your data belongs to you. We protect it with 256-bit bank-grade encryption and will never sell it to anyone.